Friday, January 23, 2009

Ok, so Let me tell you what God taught me this past weekend. We (Youth Group at Christ UMC) went on a Winter Retreat last weekend. It was AMAZING. Well let me back up a couple days before. The days proceeding the Winter Retreat were nutsy crazy. Just super busy, getting everything ready. So by Friday, I was kinda all balled up in a big ol' ball o stress. (been there done that....right) So anyway, I drove a bus load of middleschoolers over to Winter Retreat. Traffic was insane, we got a late start, so that put us coming into downtown Mobile at about 5pm. (not a pretty site) Anyway......... for some random reason, as we were approaching the tunnel, I instructed my whole bus load of middle schoolers to see who could hold there breath while going thru the tunnel. (dont forget about the aforementioned traffic) So as we entered the tunnel there was this giant enhale, pretty much sucked all of the oxygen from the bus. On we went, about half way thru I glanced back, to see how they were holding out. A couple of 6th grade girls caught my eye, I mean they were about to hurt them selves! Well eventually we made it out of the tunnel. About that time, it was like God came and sat on my shoulder as we were crossing the BayWay. He said, " You know how those kids were hurting from holding there breath while we were going thru the tunnel?" and I'm like "yeah" and then God said "thats kinda how your Spirit is when you dont spend time with me and breath in my Love" and I said "Whoa, that's heavy" well I drove on for a bit........................................................... about 2/3 away across the causeway, (beautiful watercolored sky and all) God says "Bill,...... How long have you been holding your breath? " I thought about that the rest of the way there, and I committed from then on that I will fully breath in God's love and enjoy his presence everyday. 

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